Brian’s Personal Website

yes, its me. run in terror.

yes, its me. run in terror.

This is the personal website for me,  Brian Hughes.  I am an adult human male living in Seattle, Washington State, USA.

The purpose of this website is to be a place to show off my non-career interests and as an online repository for stuff which I have more control over than I would with one of the big social media sites.   This site is not intended to show off any technical skills,  so it is heavy on useful information (if you are interested the same things I am) and light on whiz bang stuff.

If you would like to contact me (presuming I haven’t decided to allow on-site feedback for the page(s) that interest you), feel free to contact me at nbeefstdjfodf at hotmail dot com.   (go back 1 for each letter of my username)

All original information and content on this site © 2016 Brian Hughes.   Private individuals and nonprofit organizations may use any original information or content on this site for nonprofit purposes unless otherwise stated.  All content not created by me is reproduced here under fair use doctrine, is public domain, or hopefully nobody cares.  All opinions are my own.  All my facts are insufficiently researched and all my conclusions are wrong.   Some processes or activities I discuss on this website are dangerous if you are insufficiently knowledgeable or cautious.  Do not try anything I discuss that you do not fully understand and which you do not accept full and sole responsibility for.   Do not access this website while in the shower and do not operate heavy machinery until you know how this website will affect you.   Above all else use your own brain and don’t blame me for anything you do as result of something you see here.

Stuff Found Here

The areas of interest I intend to fill out on this site are:

If you are looking for my old website it is still live Here. The most interesting subject matter on the old site is my first electric car build, a 1985 toyota MR2, and my succession of amphibious tricycle designs, which inspired my domain name choice.

I am no longer maintaining the old site and have not updated it for several years. Nonetheless there is still useful information on building a DC powered EV conversion and especially regarding the conversion of a first generation Toyota MR2.