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  1. David Rosenberg

    I have a 2005 XB and willing to give up the back seat area. Would that simplify the cost and time?
    Fascinated with your accomplishment

    1. adstriminator

      It would mean not having to cut holes in the floor for the recessed battery location, so yes that part would be simpler. What I spent the most time on with my conversion was the direct drive mechanical design. If you went with a more conventional conversion approach of attaching the motor to the transmission where the motor used to go, it should not take as much effort. You would only need to fabricate a couple motor mounts and the adapter plate. Chances are one or more of the EV parts suppliers out there can provide an adapter plate as lots of toyota echos have been converted and they are mechanically identical to the gen1 xB. The next most time consuming part is all the ‘little’ electronics, e.g. integrating the EV control systems with the original 12V systems. But to some degree how much of this you do depends on how seamless you want the conversion to be. If you want to keep time committement down, make sure all the major EV components you buy (BMS, Inverter/Controller/Charger) all have plug and play communication capability. I had to build interfaces between these parts and that took a lot of time.


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