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  1. Marty Mechanic

    yeah Brian….I discovered that your site is quite large and detailed and the questions I posed to you about cutting the axle spring perches does not really apply to my situation….but, the clever brace below the perch that I asked if you had a pattern for me….I may be able to skip that part cuz my loading is fairly light….only carrying approx. 130 to 175 more lbs *after removing seat and spare, jack etc. so Brian…..do think the stock rear gen2 xb springs will just “pop in” and fit the stock ’06 upper and lower perches???
    I mentioned that my main tool box faces rear ward and I have a clever little aluminum tail gate that folds out for sitting while resting/coffee or filling out the invoices…but I am tall, and constantly ducking under the hatch….if I could get 3″ up in the back I would be in bliss city….lol!!!
    You also need to show your face in this amazing tome…truly an engineering feat…for a back yard/garage kinda guy….I see you as an engineer, possibly with a degree in electrical but with great vision and good metal working skills.
    Me, just a general ASE Certified Tech…old, but fiesty… hope you get this email, cuz I am going in to order again the xb2 rears……*I did once before but returned them….chickened out cuz I needed a buddy/guru to be my guide…..you da man bro!!
    Sincerely, Marty Schreiber..marty mechanic. Santa Cruz Ca. 4/5/2015.
    btw, mines white too….just love that color for the early xb….like the space shuttle…

    1. adstriminator

      My face is on the main page 🙂 You shouldn’t need to trim the lower perches like I did unless you are installing battery boxes… So you should be able to just swap in the springs. Just be careful not to overextend the brake hoses.


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