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  1. Marty Mechanic

    Yeah Brian…I am a mobile mechanic in santa cruz ca and have shrunk my work truck down from a ’99 Ford f350 dually to a early scion xb…..neat cuz my daughter totaled her Echo so I have a spare 1500 complete with trans…. btw…she’s ok now!!
    You are going in my direction and thank you so much for showing me how to put those heavier xb rears *2nd gen ..into my unit. I am gonna do it this week after I get my springs from toyota….just your regular rear springs right *2nd gen xb? I guess those little raised welded perches * lower perches, keep the taller stronger spring retained? Brian, do the rubber spring end guards and stuff work from the older springs/perches, or should I get 2nd gen xb rubber grommets, etc????
    I have a couple hundred lbs more in the middle and back….she just sits low on her rear springs now….not bottoming out at all…but, I am 6’3″ tall and need the hatch up a couple of inches cuz I work out of the back mainly. I took out my spare, rear seats and have large tub style thin wall tool boxes in there. I weighed the rear seats and spare tire jack and stuff at 95lbs…I added approx 225lbs so she is carrying only about 130lbs extra….what a great car huh??? just a modern little sweetheart!

    1. adstriminator

      Hi Marty-

      Yes, I was able to swap in stock 2nd gen Xb springs. In your case though you might be better off with the TRD 2nd gen xB lowering springs. they would be pretty much Ideal for carrying an extra 300lbs or so of rear weight over stock xB and wouldn’t get out of control when running empty, the stock 2nd gen xB springs might run a little high in that case.

      The only reason I changed the lower perches was I had to trim them to clear my rear battery box, so I added back the reinforcements to make sure they would be strong enough. If you are just adding beefier springs you probably don’t need to do that. I was able to reuse the original rubber. I didn’t do anything to the upper perches.


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