Useful EV Conversion Links

A non-exhaustive list of useful EV conversion links.


National organizations, clubs, advocacy groups, and online forums.

  • Electric auto association:     USA national organization for owners of, and parties interested in, all types of electric automobiles.  There are many regional chapters.
  • Plug in America:   National advocacy group pushing for adoption of electric vehicles through policy and regulation.
  •   Probably the best EV conversion centric forum site on the web.
  • evdl:   The electric vehicle discussion list.   Probably the oldest gathering of EV nerds out there.  Many of the “famous” old timers in the EV conversion world hang out here.
  •   The ecomodder site is not specifically for electric cars but has good information about efficiency modifications that apply to any vehicle as well as EV specific sections.
  •   Another EV forum site,  not specifically for conversions.
  •   Well known album site for people to post information about their EV conversions, such as I did.

Chassis Selection

Information that is helpful and sometimes hard to find relating to chassis selection and used cars.


There are many manufacturers and resellers of EV Conversion parts.   These are ones that I have either dealt with directly or which I know have good reputations.  There are other good ones I am undoubtedly missing, but also a few flaky or fly by night ones,  so of course use your judgement.

  •    USA based designer and manufacturer of Chargers, BMS, and Zilla line of DC controllers, and accessories for same.   Makes direct sales.  Also reseller of lithium batteries.
  •  BMS manufacturer.  Retail sales through distributors.
  •   General EV parts and batteries.
  •   General EV parts and batteries.
  • General EV parts, including parts for E-bikes, E-motorcycles, and off road vehicles.
  • General EV parts, including parts for E-bikes, E-motorcycles, and off road vehicles.
  •   General EV parts and Batteries.
  •   High End, OEM grade AC drives, chargers, and other EV components.


Again this just scratches the surface.