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Every so-called yuppie geek should have a website, so here is mine. The purpose of this site is to provide a place to share my interests and thoughts, and to provide a data repository for myself and others.

A brief (really, I mean it) bio

A bit About Myself personally and professionally. Also includes some group affiliations, and contaqt information

I play with interesting forms of transportation.

I'm a guy, so I like things that go. Follow the links for details to some of my current and former projects.

My Hikes and Camping trips often feature some sort of industrial archealogy

I like rusty junk. Or at least that is how certain people have described it. I also like to take hikes and mountain bike rides out into the woods and mountains in the vicinity of my home. I combine those activities and take trips out to Interesting Places such as old ghost towns, mine sites, and abandoned railroad structures. There is quite a variety of sites of this nature in Washington state and the western US in general. I have put together some brief descriptions of some of the sites I have visited along with some pictures.

I invest in real estate

Okay, maybe "invest" is too strong of a term at this point, but I am moving in that direction. My two Real Estate Investments, to date, include my First House, a classic fixer, and my current home, the South Park Triplex.

I plan to buy additional investment property of some sort in another couple of years, assuming I haven't gotten totally sick of plunging rental toilets.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Random Notes of interest to myself and (maybe others). Things like Hacking an Evo T30 to replace its embedded Windows NT operating system with a much more useful Linux OS.