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dopey picture of me
dopey picture of me


OK, this is the internet so don't expect anything scandalous, but here's a bit about me. My name is Brian Hughes. I was born the same year as this country's bicentennial. I live in the South Park Neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, USA. (spare me the Kenny jokes, I've heard them all...) I have a bachelor's in computer engineering from the Computer Science and Engineering department of the University of Washington. I have a 9-to-5 tech job. I have a lot of varied interests outside of work. The usual seattleite stuff: Hikes, Biking, Movies, Goofing around in town with friends, etc. I play with cars and bicycles a lot. I swing a hammer and a saw a lot. Basically I'm a yuppie who gets his hands (and everything else) dirty pretty often. Politically I am left/center, but I don't like to declare any party affiliations. To people who don't know me I come off as conservative and a bit shy. Once they know me (or more to the point, once I know them) I get a lot more laid back and goofy in my own weird way. I like puns. I'm currently single. I am sure there is no relation between the latter and the former. (Yes, ladies its true, I'm available...) Or was that too bold? Anyhow...


I am currently employed as a senior software engineer at a company that is building Internet connectivity solutions for in-flight aircraft. (Basically an ISP in the sky).

The technologies and tools I work with on a daily basis include nearly all aspects of the Linux operating system (various flavors), Java, database accessing tools, various web technologies, shell scripting, CVS, eclipse, and the XP software development process. I have six years of experience at my current employer and a few more than that overall.

I have an up-to-date resume. As I am not actively seeking to change employers right now, It is not posted here as I do not want it distributed without my knowledge. However since in this industry it is always good to have your options open, If you represent an organization who might be interested in me, you may contact me and let me know about your organization, and I may choose to share my resume. Please, no recruiters or third parties.


Here is a list of some organizations I belong to.

Contaqt me

I can be reached at the following email address. Yes, I made it weird looking so that spam scrapers will have trouble reading it. Sorry.