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EV Project Expenses

This page lists the major expenditures made for my Toyota MR2 EV project. See also my EV Project Timeline.

1985 Toyota MR2December 21, 2006$400
Transmission overhaul componentsFebruary 2007$500
Fidanza flywheelFebruary 2007$280
Advanced DC 9" motor, lightly usedMarch 8. 2007$1300
Custom adapter plate: ADC motor to MR2 transmissionMarch 2007$300
16 Trojan T-105 6V Batteries. Used, questionable condition, but dirt cheap. (learned later they were 10 years old)April 2007$80
Raw Materials for battery racks: Metal, paint, etc.April-May 2007$200
Main Contactor, bought unused from another SEVA memberJune 2007$70
Albright Reversing Contactor, good used, bought from another SEVA memberJune 2007$250
InteliPower 9100 DC-to-DC Converter (Actually an RV battery charger), bought from another SEVA memberJune 2007$150
Curtis 1231C 500A, 144v motor controller and throttle potboxJune 2007$1750
Russco 20A, 110VAC onboard battery charger, with several optionsJune 2007$1100
Brake and Clutch Hydraulics overhaul components, new pads and disc brake rotors.June 2007$700
Vacuum pump and associated items for EV Braking SystemJune 2007$300
Set of four Tokico High-Performance shock absorbersJuly 2007$200
Set of four Custom-Made coil springsJuly 2007$700
50' of 2/0 Welding cable (will probably only need 30' or so)July 2007$120 (a bargain)
Battery Terminals and 2/0 welding cable lugs, rubber covers, four 500A 125VDC fuses, one 250A continuous circuit breakerJuly 2007$650
EV Ammeter, Voltmeter, and ShuntJuly 2007$200
Electrical sundries: Wire, sheathing, cable clamps, extension cord, electrical tape, terminals, etc.July 2007$400
Seventeen Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries; brand newSeptember 2007$2200
Total Expenditures to get the car goingJan-Sept 2007$11580
Range and Performance Upgrade (4 Trojan T-105s, welding cable, lugs, better fuses, and raw materials for new battery rack)March 2008$400 (got batteries for 1/2 retail price)
Maaco "Supreme" Paint Job and bodyworkMay 2008$1050