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Other Electric MR2s

This is a quick list of other Toyota MR2 EV's that I know about. I've either contacted, or been contacted by the owners of many of them. I don't provide too many details about them here, but you can of course follow the links and read all about them from the owners of the cars. For comparison with these, you can look at my EV Specifications page. More links and related resources are summarized on my EV Reference Material page.

If you've got an electric MR2 and a website or published images, I'd be happy to link to them, just drop me a line at the email address on my About Myself page. If you want my link to your electric MR2 removed for some bizarre reason (you did go to all the trouble to put up a website after all...) then please do the same.

1st Generation MR2 EVs

The 1st generation Toyota MR2 was built between 1985 and 1989 (there was a 1984 JDM model as well, but rarely seen in the USA).

Brian Matheny's 1985 Toyota MR2Possibly the first Generation 1 MR2 converted, a well-done DC performance conversion.Massachusetts
Suhas Malhgan's 1987 Toyota MR2A very cool high-voltage AC-powered performance conversion.Maryland
David Kelley's 1985 Toyota MR2A 132v, DC powered car.Virgina
UCCC's 1985 Toyota MR2A 156v car built as a career education project.North Carolina
DWW88's 1985 Toyota MR2A 144v MR2 with very similar specifications to mine.North Carolina
Scott Samuel's 1986 Toyota MR2A 96v MR2 with very similar specifications to mine.Oregon
1985 or 1986 Toyota MR2A low-budget why-not conversion.???

2nd Generation MR2 EVs

The 2nd generation Toyota MR2 was built between 1990 and 1995. It is a bit larger and heavier than the 1st generation MR2, but the overall CdA is very similar to the 1st generation cars. Judging by some of the links, it is possible to stuff a crapload of batteries into one of these.

William Brinsmead's 1991 Toyota MR2Quite possibly the first 2nd generation MR2 EV Conversion, but more have popped up now :) This one looks to have some body mods.Nevada
Jon Cutshall's 1991 Toyota MR2Nice looking car. a 9" advanced DC motor and 144V of flooded lead for good range and good top speedSan Antonio, Texas and
Topsail High School's 1991 Toyota MR2A Very nicely done, competition winning conversion with 9" Advanced DC, a DC raptor 1200A controller and 156v flooded lead acid Wilmington, NC
Adam Kingsnorth's 1991 Toyota MR2Those crazy New Zealanders are into this stuff too.New Plymouth, Taranaki New Zealand