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EV Reference Material

Books and Videos

These are a couple of books and documentaries recommended over and over again by people I have talked to.

  • Convert It!: book by Micheal P Brown, also who also runs Electro Automotive. The book is a bit dated being written in 1993, but still very relevant. Electro Automotive also sells various kits for common conversions such as the VW rabbit and Geo Metro, and generic kits.
  • Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, by Bob Brandt. Also a bit dated (1994). Goes into more technical detail, more history and more theory than the Brown Book, but less of a step-by-step guide. This is my favorite between the two books.
  • Who Killed the Electric Car?: a documentary on the rise and fall of the EV1, a technically successful electric car produced by GM in the 1990's. Get out your tinfoil hat.


Here is a compendium of links I put together while researching my EV conversion, roughly organized by topic.

http://www.electricvehicleusa.comParts"High End" Parts
http://www.electroauto.comParts, Kits, transmission adapter plates
http://www.metricmind.comHigh-end AC drive systems
Communitieshttp://www.seattleeva.orgSeattle chapter of Electric Vehicle Association forums, advice, FAQ, how-to, etc.
http://www.austinev.orgClassifieds and Community list of personal EVs (including me!)
http://www.suckamps.comEV Racing site, plus links to many personal EV sites
http://www.evworld.comOnline EV magazine and community
http://www.evdl.orgThe electric vehicle discussion list
Chassis discussion of aerodynamics coefficients as relating to car bodies mods for car bodies
http://www.mayfco.comLarge list of CdA (drag coefficient X frontal surface area) for car bodies list of engine and transmission weights
http://www.consumerguide.comcommercial website with decent info on older used cars.
Tires of tire rolling resistance on tire rolling resistance size calculator models with low rolling resistance
Motors DC motors Motors
Batterieshttp://www.trojanbattery.comTrojan Battery Company Batteries
http://www.usbattery.comUS Battery Company's law Acid Battery Discussion batteries batteries batteries batteries
http://www.batteryweb.comonline battery retailer, one of many. battery pack provider battery website
Controllershttp://curtisinstruments.comCurtis Controllers Controllers (High End)
Toyota MR2 Linkshttp://www.mr2oc.comMR2 Owner's club and forum forums fiber panels for cars including the MR2. suspension spring rates table. suspension from Ground Control for the MR2 article on the toyota MR2.